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Antunez box

14.5 € HOME ALONE (1pax)

RECOMENDADO Bravas Antúnez with aioli and chipotle chili sauce Minister rib tacos 3 u. 1 Soft Drink or Beer

17 € VEGGIE PACK (1 / 2pax)

VEGETARIANO Coca with tomato Chef's plate veggie Coconut milk panacota with red berries 1 Soft Drink or Beer

30 € CHAMPION'S PACK (2 pax)

RECOMENDADO 2 Gourmet Burguers Russian salad 2 Soft Drinks or Beers


RECOMENDADO Assorted 4 Croquettes Coca bread with tomato Spanish omelette with caramelized onion Duck cannelloni with truffled bechamel 2 u. Octopus 'salteao' Tiramisu of the house Red Wine Figuero 12 or White Wine Desig

67 € FROM HEAVEN FOR YOU (2-3pax)

RECOMENDADO Coca Bread with Tomato Assorted 4 Croquettes Omelette to choose Zucchini Carpaccio To choose Steak Tartare or Tuna Tataki Chef's Dish Dessert to choose Red Wine Cruor or White Wine Bancal del Bosc  

71 € PACK 'SUN-RICE' (4pax)

RECOMENDADO PESCADO CRUSTACEOS For 4 people Rice with red shrimp and squid / Rice with botifarra and mushrooms (1/3/21) Red Wine Conde de los Andes or White Wine OR Luar do Sil (returnable paella, € 10)


6 € Spicy mussels 'Saint Gervasi'


6 € Cockles 'Saint Gervasi'


15 € Iberian ham 'Juan Pedro Domecq'

SIN_GLUTEN 80gr of 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham


6 € Vegetable salad

SIN_GLUTEN Monalisa potato dressed with salt and black pepper, carrot, perona bean, tuna in olive oil and mayonnaise

5.5 € Bravas Antúnez

SIN_GLUTEN PICANTE LACTEOS With aioli and chipotle chili sauce

6.9 € Chicken fingers

Chicken sticks, served with barbecue sauce  

8 € Duck cannelloni

RECOMENDADO LACTEOS Roast duck cannelloni with truffle béchamel 2 u.


5.2 € Minimum pack of 4 croquettes


9.6 € Pack of 8 croquettes


0 € Wanting more?


6 € Omelette


6.5 € Omelette

SIN_GLUTEN HUEVOS With caramelized onion

8 € Omelette

RECOMENDADO SIN_GLUTEN PESCADO With cod and roasted green peppers

8.5 € Omelette

RECOMENDADO SIN_GLUTEN HUEVOS With sobrasada, brie cheese and honey

10 € Scrambled eggs with Iberian ham

SIN_GLUTEN HUEVOS With extra yolk and Iberian ham Juan Pedro Domecq

9.2 € Scrambled eggs with Mallorcan sobrasada

RECOMENDADO SIN_GLUTEN HUEVOS With extra yolk and Iberian sobrasada Can Company


8.5 € Burrata Pugliese Salad

SIN_GLUTEN SESAMO LACTEOS Canonigos, cherry tomato and pine nuts dressed with homemade pesto.  

7.3 € Zucchini carpaccio

SIN_GLUTEN VEGETARIANO LACTEOS Zucchini salad, arugula, dried tomato and slices of parmesan, dressed with pesto.  

9 € Wheat totillas with minister's rib

RECOMENDADO PICANTE Wheat tortillas with pork ribs, served with seasoned pico de gallo and avocado cream. 3 units  

13.5 € Baked Sweet Potato Glazed Pork Rib

14 € Gourmet Burger

RECOMENDADO MOSTAZA LACTEOS Our Gourmet 170g beef burger accompanied with caramelized onion, fresh lettuce and tomato, cheddar cheese, mustard mayonnaise and glass bread  

13.5 € Steak tartare

RECOMENDADO SIN_GLUTEN LACTEOS HUEVOS Accompanied by truffled mayonnaise and Carsau bread

13.8 € Tuna tataki with onion

SIN_GLUTEN SESAMO SOJA PESCADO Macerated in soy and secret ingredients and accompanied by caramelized onion 'a la noissete'  

14 € Octopus saute

RECOMENDADO SIN_GLUTEN LACTEOS Octopus with potato parmentier, garlic refried and Mallorcan sobrasada Can Company  

15 € Rice with red prawn and squid

RECOMENDADO SIN_GLUTEN PESCADO CRUSTACEOS MOLUSCOS FRIDAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY By size of shipment the paellas are maximum for 3 people. If you want paella for more people, you can lose more than one paella.  

15 € Rice with sausage and mushrooms

RECOMENDADO SIN_GLUTEN FRIDAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY By size of shipment the paellas are maximum for 3 people. If you want paella for more people, you can lose more than one paella. (returnable container € 10)  

9 € Chef's Veggie Dish


9 € Chef's Dish - Spelled Rice

RECOMENDADO VEGANO VEGANO - rice and spelled with scrambled vegetables


6 € Tiramisu of the house

LACTEOS Excellent ' tiramisu ' (in Italian, literally "pull me up"). It was attributed aphrodisiac properties ... SWEET END

6 € Catalan cream


1.8 € Refreshments

Coca-cola / Coca-cola zero / Nestea / Fanta orange / Fanta lemon  

2 € Beers

Estrella Damm, Free Damm, Voll Damm


19 € Desig White Wine (Penedés)

Xarel lo

19 € White Wine Troupé (Rías Baixas)


20 € White Wine O Luar do Sil (Valdeorras)

Godello 100%

25 € Red Wine Figuero 12 (Ribera del duero)


27 € Red Wine Altos Siós (Costers del segre)

Syrah, Garnacha, Tempranillo

30 € Red Wine Furvus (Montsant)

Hairy Grenache, Merlot 92 Penin

30 € Red Wine Cruor (Priorat)

Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Garnacha, Syrah Carignan 91 Parker / 91 Penin

32 € Red Wine Conde de los Andes (Rioja)

Tempranillo 100% 91 Suckling / 90 Atkin

16 € Instant Rosé Wine (Pey blanc, Aix-en-provence)

Garnacha, Cinsault, Syrah

18 € Cava Correfoc

Macabeo, Xarel lo, Parellada

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